I am a researcher, strategist, and documentarian. CV and case studies can be found here.

Heart-felt perspective

My disciplines centre around an innate need for perspective, a sensitivity to the world, and a desire to be kind to myself and others. I seek the heart-felt perspective.

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“He's one of our favourites! We love working with him and looking forward to a continued collaboration!”
Jason Fulton
This Memento - Amsterdam
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My Jam



Discussion Guides

Design a dialogue that flows, opens people up, and keeps you on track and free to explore.


Talk to people in a way where they reveal truths they didn't even know they had.

Deep Dive Immersions

Go out into the world and experience the life of the people you serve or dedicate time to.

Film & Photography

Capture visual artefacts from time spent doing research in the field.

Desk Research

Complement your efforts "out there" with smart investigation online and elsewhere.


Play back what you did and discovered, and do it in a way that moves people.


Creative Briefs

Make a jump on where to go next, who with, and in what manner.

People Profiling

Peel back and reveal your audience, user, customer, or consumer. People.

Brand Positionings

Establish strongly justified and creative ways forward for your brand.


Lay down some poetry to rally your peoples.

Naming & Taglines

Reinvent or start from zero, decide on what you are called, and how you call upon others.

Brand Books

Put all the rules together in one wonderful place for you and your team to live by.

Cultural Alignment

Make sure everyone is on board, invested personally, and working towards the same goal.


Pitch or play back everything that really matters.

Visual Strategic Stories

Tell stories that travel with words, photography, and film.

Does the spirit move you?

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