Godparent 11/11

Godfather. What is a godfather? What does the role consist of?

January 9, 2024

My grandfather died on 11/11 some years ago. My now goddaughter, not even a year old, was born on 11/11. One can’t help but think and wonder of its significance.

I was recently asked what this role might mean to me, to which my answer was quite simple:

“To be there for the parents and the child”.

While I’ve known about the synergies of these dates since day 1, it wasn’t until last week that I considered it through the lens of my late grandpa.

The circle has gone full cirlce, it has even overlapped and I can now see into the past and the future. These principles of how to live and thrive are within me, and were shown to me through loving example. This is what I shall offer. This is the role.

Other Notes: