Nuance of Experience

Have you considered the nuance of what's really going on?

March 1, 2023

What's stirring within, what's coming straight at you from another person or place; or even what emotional artefacts stay with you and take on a life of their own?


Superficially speaking, these are just some holiday snaps from my phone [yep, I'm letting you know they aren't super high quality - but woah aren't phones getting good!]. More precisely, these photos embody a personal retrospection of sensing what's "occurring" during the nuanced provocation of taking and guarding a photo. That's probably a bit woohoo for Linkedin. Put simply, I’m paying attention to how these photos make me feel. Photography is a wonderful tool.

I'm sharing it here because I believe this act also demonstrates a fundamental of research. As a researcher (and fellow human) it’s an opportunity to tune ourselves to the emotional nuance of what we see before us, what it evokes within, and what stays with us as we go forward.

Check out these photos that marry with this thinking.

Other Notes: